BARMstorm collecting donates for Cologne Pride 2020

This year, Puppy Cologne will organize a Puppy Group for the Cologne Pride again.

Under the common motto “FOR HUMAN RIGHTS” we demonstrate to ensure that lesbians, gays, bisexuals, intersexuals and transgender people are finally legally equal and socially accepted. In addition to the of political and social demands for equality and acceptance, we also see the participation in the Cologne Pride as a demand on the LGBTQ community to reduce prejudices and strengthen cohesion.

In addition to having fun, participating in the Cologne Pride also involves costs (for example, for the production of educational material). That is why we are very pleased that the BARKstorm pack has initiated a first fundraising campaign within the community. Both at the BaF regulars’ table on January 26th. and May 28th, the pack also collects money online to make it possible to participate in the Cologne Pride.

The collected donations will be handed over on the Pup Pub Crawl on April 11th 2020.

We thank you for the support and look forward to the Pride season.


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