From Thursday 28th May till Monday 1st June 2020 ‘Puppy Cologne’ is hosting the very first ‘Puppy Pride Cologne’. A handful of diverse and exciting events await our guest from all over Germany and Europe. Together we want to enjoy, play and celebrate our colourful community.

‘Puppy Pride Cologne’ is official partner of the ‘Cologne Fetish Pride’, hosted by ‘Rheinfetisch e.V.’, one of Europes biggest fetish associations. Together we have put together an amazing week, full of events for every age, gender and personal interest.

Highlight will be our main party ‘TRINITY’ on Saturday night at ‘Bogen 2 & 5’


This is the Puppy Pride Cologne 2020


In the upcoming days, 12 amazing events will await you – events from pups, for pups and handler. Whether it’s an enjoyable brunch or breakfast, or a hypnotising bondage course, an exhilarating party, or a wild night at Colognes favourite gay sauna. Most of the events are for all ages (18 or older) and mostly gender-neutral and disability accessible. To ensure that everybody can participate, our ‘Social Puppy Events’, such as our kick-off event, the ‘PupNick- Picnic’ and get-togethers are free of charge.

For more information download our flyer: click here.


In Cologne there are numerous hotels and hostels near the city center, which are quickly booked up for major events. If you prefer to spend the night privately or still have a place to sleep, you can register on our ‘basket exchange’ and look around.

News and Updates

To take a glimpse behind the scenes visit our blog and be up close while our ‘Puppy Pride Cologne’ grows and thrives.

Partner and Supporters

With out the help and support from our partners, as well as from our helpers in the background, we would never be able to set up such an amazing week full of events and ideas. We want to thank everyone for lending a helping paw.

Rheinfetisch e.V.

Since a few years Rheinfetisch is a strong supporter to the pupplay community. We are happy for the strong support and close friendship between our two groups, adding the ‘Puppy Pride Cologne’ to the ‘Fetisch Pride Cologne’ .

Gentle-Bears Bar

In 2018 the very first ‘Puppy Germany’ was appointed in this bar. This year we returned back with our Pup Pub Crawl, inviting over a 100 pups and handlers to enjoy their evening here.

Best of Cologne

Situated directly in the heart of Colognes gay-scene, this fetish-store is the first address for pups, handlers and those who want to be. Starting point the ‘Pup Pub Crawl’, but also where ‘Puppy Cologne’ took its first steps, ‘Best of Cologne’ is one of the most important supporters of our community. stands for professional BDSM-Workshops, kinky social- and play-events and an active and open gay-queer BDSM community. Highlights are the Puppy Circuit during Easter, bondage- and workshop-weekends and ever changing theme nights.

Exile on Main Street

No matter how many bars and clubs we visit – last stop is nearly always the ‘EXILE’. The Exile can count itself to one of the first bars, which opened its doors for the puppy community. 2019 it hosted the election for ‘Puppy Germany’ and we are back for our ‘Puppy Pride Cologne’.

Bartmänner e.V.

Building bridges is one of the main goals, which ‘Puppy Cologne’ has set for itself. Puppy Cologne stands against exclusion of others, no matter what community they come from. With Bartmänner e.V. we have set up a new connection this year. Already 1984 they took up work and stand up for gay rights and the interests of the gay community.


he use of media files provided by ‘Puppy Cologne’ is only approved for the exclusive press coverage for ‘Puppy Pride Cologne’. ‘Puppy Cologne’ reserves its right to object to any use. Any commercial use and/ or modification of logos or media content is strictly prohibited.

Representatives of the press, magazines for the LGBT community and recognized online magazines can be accredited with us in advance. Advantages of accreditation:

  • Free entry to our events
  • Regular updates via our press mailing list
  • Exclusive access to backstage areas

For accreditation, please send an email to We need the following information:

  • Surname, given Name
  • Name of the magazine / reporting medium
  • Focus on reporting period / events


‘Puppy Cologne’ was founded by two gay pups. Yet we as organizers take great pride in in equal rights, acceptance and societal recognition of the LGBTIQ* community. Most of our events invite all ages, genders or sexual identities. Only exception is the ‘Phoenix Sauna’, which exclusively is a men only sauna and special areas such as darkrooms at our main party.

Generally there is no minimum Age for the ‘Puppy Pride Cologne’. Individual events, such as our party-, nighttime-, or bartour-events are oblige to follow the youth protection code. In case of doubt, we are required to check your IDs. An overview of German laws and standards can be found here: Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft Kinder- und Jugendschutz e.V. (BAJ).

The ‘Puppy Pride Cologne’ addresses not only pup players, but also handlers and everybody who is interested. Pup play can be lived out and celebrated in more than one form and does not require any gear at all.

Every event is carefully planed. Our goal is to offer you a maximum and charge you as little as possible. Most of the time this is possible, but sometimes it is not. This is why some of our prices can vary from one and another.

Our main goal is to collect as much money for the ‘Cologne Pride Demonstration’ at the beginning of Juli.

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